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C Sharp Links
C Sharp Home - The True C Sharp Home.
C Sharp Help - This provides articles, information and feedback on the C# language.
C# Station - This provides links tutorials, FAQ, and other resources on C#. - This also provides samples, tutorials, code, news, tools, downloads,FAQs, and links.
Deep Inside C# - An interview with Microsoft Chief Architect Anders Hejlsberg.
Microsoft Visual Studio Next Generation: C# - Introduction and reference resources.
MSDN Online Magazine: Sharp New Language - An article describing features of the language.
Web Directory: C# Programming - links to C# resources.
Csharp superexpert - The community of C# experts.
C# newsgroup under the Microsoft .NET Technologies links
C# CORNER - This contains sample projects, tutorials, news on .NET, FAQs, ActiveDiscussion Forums and a large list of members